Andrea Carbone


Getting acquainted with the world of tattoos is somewhat of a consequence of the passion my brothers and I share for Harley Davidson. I often found myself at their gatherings where I had the possibility to get to know and admire different people from abroad with tattoos. In one of these occasions I got to meet Giuliano Marchesan, who invited me in his studio in Gorizia, giving me precious suggestions and allowing me to observe him while he was working.

From that moment on, after getting my first equipment, I started tattooing in houses of my friends and acquaintances, starting with simple motives.

Furthermore, as the requests got bigger and the continuous movement, I decided to create something in one ‘place’ where I could receive my clients as guests so that is how on 9th January 1994 Indian Tattoo Family was started. 

To my big surprise, I had success from the start: in the beginning I tended to give in to clients, fascinated by , at that moment, the new world of tattoos and the tribal fashion.

Along the road, the influence of various artists such as Darren Stares, Brian Everett and Tin Tin, becomes more and more obvious. My true passion is realistic style, which I’ve always expressed through my oil paintings.

I start acquiring more certainty in proposing that style to my clients, starting with the figurative subjects such as Native Americans, strictly in black and white.

With that, while visiting different conventions in Italy and Europe, a curiosity towards Japanese style starts to come up. My inspiration in that particular style are without a doubt Hrihoshi III and Filip Leu.To get to know this style I decided to get a tattoo by Filip Leu. A Gabon snake on my left arm.

With that we got to 2004, 10 years from the opening of Indian Tattoo Family. I consider this a turning year. The clients become more educated and start having more requests for custom made designs. I start doing free hand tattoos, in that way I could propose my art and inspiration directly on the skin of my clients. It is fundamental to study the right composition of the design and the flow in which the same wraps around the body.

Because of this I don’t consider myself a ‘master’ but a student in a continuous search of new forms of inspiration as my ambition guides me to use every day to get better at what I do. Until this day, my objective is to expand the knowledge of the realistic style, basing myself on the use of color.